Doron David Sherwin


Described as "one of the world's best instrumentalists", Doron Sherwin has performed throughout the world on the cornetto since leaving his native California in 1984.

Like practically every colleague of his generation, he perfected his craft with the one performer who still remains the undisputed world master of this extraordinarily rare and difficult instrument: Bruce Dickey.  Sherwin, however, bears the unique distinction of having regularly performed and recorded alongside Dickey for over 25 years in numerous internationally acclaimed European ensembles such as Hespérion XXI, the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, the Taverner Players, the Hilliard Ensemble, Cantus Cölln – and particularly as a member of the remarkable Concerto Palatino, universally recognized as the principal specialist ensemble for early brass music and indeed for 17th century music in general.

Highly sought after as a specialist in the improvisational traditions of music from the Middle Ages to jazz, his uniquely expressive performing style, inspired by a profound respect and intimate knowledge of the performing traditions of past generations of virtuosi, has become a lively and unmistakable element of the concerts and recordings of a new generation of ensembles such as Arpeggiata, Capriccio Stravagante, Oltremontano, Odhecaton, Concerto Italiano, La Venexiana, and, of course, laReverdie.

last updated: 20.7.2011