Programma Carmina Burana laReverdie Concerto

Carmina Burana

Sacred sarcasms

München, Bayerischen Staatbibliothek, Codex Latinum Monacensis 4660

6 singers and instrumentalists

With this program laReverdie explores the songs in Latin and High German, composed between the 12th and the early 13th century, contained in the famous collection of "Carmina Burana", perhaps commissioned by an unknown abbot of Novacella (Tyrol) with refined and unscrupulous literary tastes. The songs included in the moralizing and amorous section originate in the Universities and Scholae, centers of production and sharing of philosophy and literature, united by the great Latin / Christian heritage. These are "clerical entertainments" of a high artistic level, tinged with sarcasm and nostalgia, which la Reverdie reconstructs from the Munich manuscript and from parallel sources.

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