Programma viaggio in italia Dufay laReverdie Concerto

Guillaume Du Fay

Voyage in Italy

5 singers and instrumentalists

A journey through Italian musical life in the early 15th century using as a common thread the almost twenty-year Italian adventure (1419-1437) of the famous Franco-Flemish composer, Guillaume Dufay.

Ecclesiastical, diplomat, man of wide culture, disputed between the court of the Malatesta, the papal court (which wants him in Rome, then in Florence and in Bologna) and that of the Savoy, esteemed friend of the Este family, Dufay began in Italy his extraordinary career as a composer.

To highlight the vitality of Dufay's stylistic syncretism, we have chosen to perform some of the numerous occasional, celebratory or even simply worldly compositions that allow a comparison with contemporary composers active in Italy, of which we have selected some particularly suggestive pieces.

To restore the image of Italy in the 15th century, which takes shape from the travel notes of Philìppe de Comin, and to pay homage to the great Flemish composer, through some of the very few documents concerning him, we have chosen to intertwine some texts with the musical repertoire recited by an "imaginary Dufay" transforming a normal concert into a suggestive and compelling show.

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