Programma il paradiso di Francesco laReverdie Concerto

Il Paradiso di Francesco

A Courtly Garden in Trecento Florence

5 singers and instrumentalists, starring Christophe Deslignes, organetto

The last three books of Il Paradiso degli Alberti, an allegorical novel written in 1389, but probably reworked in the early 1400s, are set in the splendid villa close Florence Antonio Alberti, handsome young men who discuss matters of love, but also elderly, serious intellectuals and prestigious citizens who face complex speculative problems of high doctrine. In this atmosphere the presence of the famous Florentine organist composer Francesco Landini stands out, invited to cheer the guests, with his gentle mastery of the organetto. Several subjects, like thin threads, are woven into the Paradiso degli Alberti: love, politics, philosophy, ethics, linguistics, music. LaReverdie and Christophe Deslignes will spin these thematic threads in the fabric of the concert: drawing from the wide compositional repertoire of Francesco Landini, they will conjure a soundtrack inspired by the conversations and tales echoing in the garden of Paradiso.

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