Pagina curriculum lareverdie


In its more than thirty years of active musicological and textual study, the medieval music ensemble laReverdie has set up many concert programs, some of which have also been released on CD. The projects, of sacred or secular music, can be of a monographic type, on sources or authors of particular importance, or of an anthological type, based on themes of historical, geographical, philosophical or literary significance.

The repertoire ranges from Gregorian monody to the work of Hildegard von Bingen, from the first polyphonies of the school of Notre Dame to the repertoire of the Laudesi companies of Italian city republics, to go as far as the great Franco-Flemish and English polyphony of the XIVth and XVth centuries.

All programs include the use of voices and bassa cappella instruments (vielle, lute, harp, psaltery, symphonia, recorders, mute cornett), some also include an alta cappella (cornett, slide trumpet, trombone); each member of the ensemble is, in fact, both singer and instrumentalist.

Some of the available programs

Vergine Bella

Hortus deliciarum

Knights Maids and Miracles

Ex tenebris ad lucem


Marian Cult in Spain

The Twelve Gardens

Guillaume DuFay

The Eye of the Heart

Il Paradiso di Francesco


Carmina Burana

Il Milione

Più dura che Petra

Sponsa Regis

Missa coram papa, Missa magna

Lux Laetitiae

Venecie mundi splendor


More programs are available on request or under commission