The discography ensemble of the medieval music laReverdie, after the success of the first CD, Bestiarium published in 1990 for Nuova Era Records and then for Cantus, is linked to the French label Arcana. Founded by the publisher and sound engineer Michael Bernstein in 1992, the label has now been absorbed by the French-Belgian group Outhere-Music. The first 13 CDs were made in co-production with WDR Köln, thanks to the great producer Klaus Neumann whose role Richard Lorber took over after 2006.

All recordings have received awards and/or nominations from Italian and international press.

The Diapason d’Or de l’année 1993 attributed to the CD Speculum Amoris launched the international career of a very young ensemble laReverdie.

Arcana - Lux Laetitiae: Splendors of the Marian Cult in Early Renaissance Ferrara

Arcana - L'Occhio del Cor: Francesco Landini

Arcana - Venecie Mundi Splendor: Marvels of Medieval Venice

Compère: Missa Galeazescha, Music for the Duke of Milan

Arcana - Knights, Maids and Miracles: The Spring of Middle Ages

The Night of Saint Nicholas. A Mediaeval Liturgy for Advent

Arcana - Laudarium: Songs of Popular Devotion from 14th-Century Italy

Arcana - I dodici giardini: Cantico di Santa Caterina da Bologna

Arcana - Carmina Burana: Sacri sarcasmi

Arcana - Guillaume Dufay: Missa Sancti Jacobi

Arcana - Jacopo da Bologna: Madrigali e Cacce

Arcana - Sponsa Regis: La victoire de la Vierge dans l’oeuvre d’Hildegard von Bingen

Arcana - Guillaume Dufay: Voyage en Italie

Arcana - Nox Lux: Francia & Inghilterra, 1200-1300

Arcana - Legenda Aurea: Laudes des Saints au Trecento Italien

Arcana - Insula Feminarum: Résonances médiévales de la féminité celte

Arcana - Historia Sancti Eadmundi: De la liturgie dramatique au drame liturgique

Arcana - Suso in Italia Bella: Musique dans les cours et cloîtres de l'Italie du Nord

Arcana - O tu chara sciença: musique dans la pensée médiévale

Arcana - Speculum Amoris: Lyrique de l’Amour Médiéval du mysticisme à l’érotisme