Programma Spona Regis laReverdie Concerto

Sponsa Regis

The Triumph of the Virgin in the works of Hildegard von Bingen

Dendermonde, St. Pieters & Paulusabdij Cod. 9

3 singers + 4 singers and instrumentalists

Antiphons, responsories and readings all grouped around one of the central elements of the sacred philosophy of Hildegard, perhaps the last great exponent of the serene, harmonious tradition of Medieval Christian Neoplatonism: the privileged, triumphant role of the Virgin Mary: not the mother weeping at the foot of the Cross, but the woman dressed with the sun of Revelation, the "scepter and diadem of royal dignity". Not a reconstruction of the liturgy that Hildegard created and practiced, but rather symbolic evocations of a light which in all of 900 years has lost nothing of its splendor.

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