Programma venecie mundi splendor laReverdie Concerto

Venecie Mundi splendor

The motet in the early celebratory tradition of the Most Serene Republic of Venice

6/10 singers and instrumentalists

With Venecie Mundi Splendor, laReverdie explores the tradition of the motets celebrating the Venetian doges, from Francesco Dandolo (doge from 1329 until 1339) until Francesco Foscari (doge from 1423 until 1457). The project includes eight motets, whose composers, except for an anonymous, are all known: Marchettus de Padua, Francesco Landini (whose motet has been reconstructed starting from a remaining voice out of three) for the Trecento and Johannes Ciconia, Christoforus de Monte, Hugo de Lantins and Antonius Romanus for the Quattrocento. The motets included in the project are representative of the typical Italian motet’s style in the late middle ages and particularly in the Veneto tradition. The style is distinguished, by various structural aspects, from the contemporary French motet. With the project Venecie mundi splendor a glorious tradition emerges and allows a glimpse into the role that music had in the celebration of the glories and splendor of the Venetian Republic, before the great blossoming in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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