laReverdie ensemble for medieval music

Since 1986 they have shared a constant attraction for medieval music that continues to inspire new ideas for research in the different and varied repertoires of the vast musical heritage ranging from liturgical chant to the great polyphony of the XVth century.

Since their beginnings they have considered it essential to combine singing with instrumental practice, developing a common language and a sound that make the Reverdie unmistakable both in the mixture of their voices and their instruments.

Marco Polo 1324-2024

Seven hundred years ago Marco Polo, the greatest traveller of all time, died in Venice. In the book Il Milione, drawn up by Rustichello da Pisa from stories told him by Marco, the wonderful worlds of the Middle East, Central Asia and China are faithfully described with narrations of places, historical events and legends. LaReverdie recounts these adventures through the voice of an actor and the dialogue between the European music of Marco Polo's time and musical suggestions from the Middle East and India, interpreted by guest soloists.

laReverdie & David Riondino – Il Milione, ovvero il libro delle Meraviglie
Venezia, Isola di San Giorgio, Auditorium “Lo Squero”, in collaborazione con la Fondazione Giorgio Cini onlus, 29.10.2016

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