Francesco Landini

The Eye of the Heart

5 singers and instrumentalists, starring Christophe Deslignes, organetto

Francesco Landini, the most famous Florentine composer, lost his sight at the age of 7 due to smallpox, but despite his tragic disability he excelled in the study of music and all the liberal arts. Could the condition of blindness have conditioned Landini's poetic production? In his texts perhaps more often than the description of the joy of vision, the reference to the melancholy of not being able to see the beloved is much more frequent, even if in one of his ballads we find a hint that reveals the hidden sense to which he resorts, that is "The eye of the heart". This anthology delves into his work in search of the signs that the loss of sight may have imprinted in the marvelous and moving verses and music of Magister Coecus.

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